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Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Just sitting at home thinking of us and how much we've been through
All I can see is an endless forever between me and you
Who would have thought that we would have what we do
And though it sometimes gets hard it stills feel brand new.

I have no choice in the matter the heart feels what it feels
Sometimes I pinch myself just to see if it's real
It might not matter to many but for me it's a big deal
Our love is everlasting round and round like a wheel.

You are the missing piece of my soul that found me
I am your rib that was missing and now you can see
Why it's so important for you to hold the key
To my body mind and soul so that you can set me free!

Monday, November 17, 2008

A pekingese and his cow pt2

Hi all this is our baby Woody. He has this weird infatuation with this cow, but who are we to judge?

Friday, November 14, 2008

Shaq Disses Kobe in Rap in NYC (

In Case you didn't know

O Really?

Whats up America? I know i normally get on here and rant about some political b.s., but deep inside me beats the heart of a sports fan. So today I want to speak on sports, well mainly Shaq. I used to be a shaq fan, nut over the last few years his comments in the media have really changed the way I look at the big guy.

First of all the thing that even made me want to speak on this is I was surfing and ran across the headline "Shaq: Jackson nurtured fued with Kobe". So anybody who pays attention to sports knows about the shaq vs kobe fued. So then I start reading and run across the set of words "I'm going on record as saying that me and kobe are the best guard-center combo the Lakers ever had." America I'm not going to lie They were dominant, but I vomited several times after reading that. First of all thats disrespectful to other Laker greats like Majic and Kareem who he specifically said he and kobe were better than. Who also won more titles than shaq and kobe. It was also disrespectful when he said that they were better than wilt chamberlain and jerry west who were pioneers of the sport. Nobody gives a d**** who the best Laker guard-center combo was. People are impressed with bottom line figures though, so if anything shaq and kobe were underacheivers. But it all boils down to Shaq still wanting to be relevant. The older he gets the less he wants to here about the next great player because with him its like when a kid is used to being the baby of the family but then his momma get pregnant again and he just start hating on the new baby. He did it with Kobe, and Yao. He always tries to put himself up so high, not even realizing what a great legacy he already has but gets diminished each time he tels us how great he is. You know like the pretty girl who tells everyone how pretty she is. Dude just chill leave the game like a grown man, not flipping everybody off as you walk out the door. Nobody can do what they used to do 10-15 yrs ago. Sh** I used to consider myself to be one of the best madden players out there now with this new internet thing I'm getting my a** handed to me, but you don't see me dissing little kids.

Shaq stop hating on players that when its all said and done may actually be better than you, stop making songs asking people to tell you how your a** taste, and stop thinking that the whole shaq-fu thing was ever funny.

Mr. P

Monday, October 20, 2008

So I know it's been a while since last we spoke but I've been so busy with life I hardly have time to relax and have a moment to myself let alone pick up the laptop and bore you guys with all the details of what's going on with me. Anyway I read Mr. P's view on this whole election saga and the whole black and white issues surrounding them and I must say I agree, racism is definately not dead. Though we as americans want to believe that we live in this fairy tale eutopia where it is non existant, it is very much alive, but understand it goes both ways! I'm not writing today to go into all that though. What I will say is that you shouldn't vote on this country's next leader based on the color of their skin instead it should be on the best candidate who you feel will do the best job and represent the country as a whole with our best interest in mind with no regard to their ethnicity. Keep in mind there is no pure american! We are all mixed up in one way or another. Indians were here first and since then we've mixed up so much some of us don't know what kind of ethnicity is in our geneological tree. Hell, I'm puerto rican which is a mixture of spaniard, caribbean indian and african.
What I don't want for this country is for people to be so blinded by the color spectrum that they lose sight of what's really important which is that finally Bush will be out of office and it surely can't get any worse than what he's done for us or should I say to us! At the same time people please know the views of your candidate. Know what they intend to do with our country know what they stand for and learn about their background before you make an uninformed decision and it back fires on us.
I heard this interview on the radio today where a reporter was asking some young black men who they were voting for, of course they said Obama. When asked about Obama's decision on having Palin run as his VP they said they would have no problem with a woman as his Vice President! HELLO, that's McCain running mate! See the reporter switched all of Obama's stances with McCain's and just told the guys that they were Obama's and they all sided with Obama, not even knowing that the reporter just proved his point on people choosing their candidate based on color. This type of uninformed decisions could bring this whole country down to it's knees. I don't want to bore you with all this electorial mumbo jumbo all I want to say is that knowledge is power and please make sure you are all informed and make your decision on the candidate that best fits you!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Long Time No Speak

What it do America? It's ya boy Mr. P. Man we apologize for being out of pocket for so long, but we are all grown so you can understand life throws you curve balls and it took us awhile to adjust our swing. But we back slowly but surely. Well since we last blogged we;ve moved into another house, I received a promotion at my job and then Mrs. P had her car stolen all in a one month span. So lifes been bitter sweet, but all in all we're good. The stories behind all these events will come in time I'm just too lazy to type about all of them now. Also I'm sure that Mrs. P will fill you all in on them as well so just hang tight. But I must warn you that I have a condition withshort term memory loss due to the "Medication" that I am taking so if you happen to want to hear about a particular story feel free to post a comment and we will oblige.
Well there is alot going on nowadays. Its election time and this years race is full of entertainment. As I stated before I was never big into politics until this year and boy have I been missing some ill sh**. I don't know if all elections are this greasy, but this sh** is crazy. First thing I noticed is that racism is still very much alive in this country, I mean I'm no fool but Obama running for president has made the racists come out of the wood work. But this is the tripped out part he gets hated on by black and white people. Pardon my french but thats f****** up. He gets 5x the hate of a regular blackman but he is only half black. Thats like having two crazy a** baby mommas who don't even like each other but join together to bring you down. I admire Barack though, because he displays poise in this race like Tom Brady in the pocket. He takes their best shots and kills them with kindness. He shakes it off and he keeps it moving. The hardest thing in the world to do. When people make sly remarks in the media regarding him and his family he keeps it moving. Thats a real man. He has his mind on his mission and won't let petty b.s. get in his way. Cause lord knows if somebody was on tv talking sideways about my fam I'm going to want to see whats the deal when we meet.

I also noticed that although Barack is catching it hard, its hell on anyone of Indian decent. Man they catch it from everybody too. White people are still pissed about 911 and hate anything that looks like its terrorist related. I mean they can be persian, hindu, pakistani it doesn't matter they are officially in the "they all look alike" club. Black people we already don't trust anybody or anything so in our minds if these terrorist took down a plane and some buildings then they aint playing. Black people have survived too many shootouts in the hood to have somebody blow them up while they out of the hood.

I'm not goin to get into the actual election may the best man win. But for real though Sarah Palin looks like she is about a bottle of Patron away from being on like Girls Gone Wild making out on a bus with chicks. Seriously why did he choose her? The only purpose she serves is to be eye candy. Listening to her talk about politics is like reading a low rider magazine.

Thats it for now as I can feel the carpel tunnel setting in.


Mr. P

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Father's Day

Whats up america? Mr. P back in the hizzouse. Nall let me quit I do not condone the use of the word hizzouse. It was tight when snoop started talking like that, nall it wasn't but it was his sh** though next thing you know you got kids saying it, old people, white people; it got out of control. Now before the white people get upset I'm not gone leave you hanging, I'm sure you feel the same way when a black person have expanded vocabulary or when a hispanic person speaks english. Disclaimer: At times in my past I have been known to use the word crizzib in reference to my dwelling but that was different.

Now fathers day. I know its not until Sunday but I say Happy Fathers Day to all dads now because I may excuse me won't blog on that day because i will not think about it. Man I was listening to the radio the other morning on my way to work and they were having a discussion on fathers day. Man I can't understand how if they are discussing fathers day a mf would take the time out they morning and call in to talk about deadbeat dads. Not that they don't exist but dam why are they even being acknowledged on fathers day. the best thing you can do is not even mention them on fathers day and everybody will be better. Its like this you got sh** and you got ice cream. If some ice cream falls on some sh** its still just sh**, but if the tiniest piece of sh** gets in a huge bowl of ice cream its ruined. But you know what its 2008 and I know there is someone out there, hopefully no one who reads this blog, who would scoop that shit out and eat that ice cream lol!!!!!!!!!!!! You are a nasty induvidual!!!!!! Now that I think of it I guess we are all bowls of ice cream in our own right. Some people you can smell their sh** from a mile away, some you can't smell it until you get to the center of the bowl and you say to yourself "that wasn't chocolate after all." My point is man life is short get you a good bowl of ice cream if you finding yourself constantly scooping shit maybe you need a new bowl. Don't confuse it though cause some of you gone drop shit in your bowl and say i need a new one when your bowl was fine till you f****** it up. If you got a good bowl do your best to keep shit out of it cause it'll never taste the same. This Fathers day don't shit in somebody else's bowl. If you don't have a father honor some positive male role model. If you old enough to read this blog then surely you have encountered some positive male an uncle, older cousin, teacher, preist (unless you're catholic), hell if you think about it even the weedman should get a happy fathers day he provides much needed support to many bastard youth. Hell some weed men have even watched some kids grow up. "Boy I remember when you stole $10 from yo momma and bought yo first sac. Couldn't even drive now look at ya, buying dro. Boy you gone make me cry." Yeeeeaaaah Happy Father's Day!!!

Mr. P

Friday, May 30, 2008

What a month!

What a month this has been. My son turned 13! My daughter graduated kindergarten and now we're on our way to Dallas this weekend because she has an audition for these agents from Disney...! Wish us luck!
Mrs. P

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Remember when I talked about spartans and persians?

Man wtf is really goin on? Like dudes do this 4real? I know he got alot of money, but nowadays or maybe even longer than I have been noticing, money seems to give people a pass on normally socially unacceptable shit. But whatever. I'm done.

Mr. P

Monday, April 28, 2008

Maybe-Michael Jordan Commercial


Are You F***king Kidding Me?!!!!!

Whats up America? This here is a two part post. I know I been laying low for a hot minute but understand don't take it personal this is who I am. I consider myself something like a blogging boa constricter. I lay in the cut and wait for a worthy cause to voice my opinion upon, cause after I attack you might not see me for another week till I hunger yet again.

First I'm start off with the Sean Bell Verdict (White America you knew it was coming):
"Maaan Thats Some Bulls**t" Now that I got that off my chest. This is some scary stuff for real. Scary and Agitating to be exact. Its scary because NY policemen shot this man, unarmed mind you, fitty times. Not only fitty shots, but one officer even re-loaded. If you unload a full clip into a car, stop to reload but your fellow officers are still shooting while you reload cause if you all re-loaded at the same time someone would have noticed that no one was shooting back. And if my facts are wrong about the number of shots fired america please tell me. But lets say I am exaggerating on the number of shots fired, how many bullets into an un-armed husband and father of two daughters is appropriate? I thought the rodney king verdict was crazy this is insane. LISTEN AND LISTEN CAREFULLY. WE SENT A YOUNG BLACK MAN, MICHAEL VICK, TO PRISON FOR FIGHTING DOGS, BUT WE SET FREE MANKILLERS? PROTECT AND SERVE WHO? MAN LOOK WHAT ARE THE OPTIONS FOR YOUNG MINORITY MALES. IT WENT FROM BEING YOU HAD TO WORRY ABOUT THE HOOD TAKING YOU UNDER, BUT TO NOW YOU CANT TELL THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE COPS AND THE ROBBERS. Man I personally hate when my people, black people play the race card because I know at times our theories can get out of hand, but come on when its blatant. And I know some smart-ass is going to say "Well one or more of the officers were minorities" Well slaves were used to catch other slaves back in the day as well. Speaking on behalf of black people I think we all agree that we have our real sh** and our knockoffs. Simply put we are not all made the same it takes a certain kind of person to consciously aid others in the slaying of your own people. I assume that remains true to any race or walk of life but I'm speaking as a black man.

I'm also scared cause I've seen prey become the predator over less. We all remember the Rodney King Riots and that was just over an a**-whooping. I don't want to see anything ill go down but you can only push people so far before they feel backed into a corner. I plead with you America we have got to find a way to stop this injustice because each example is just like a festering sore on the image of this country. Now this is not an attack on any race by any means but an attack on injustice and flatout B.S.


Again I repeat "Man thats some bulls**t". Josh whats the deal homey? Man you can't put people in ya bidness like that kinflok. for those of you who dont know Josh Howard plays for the NBA's Dallas Mavericks. The Mavericks are currently in the playoffs and last week Josh Howard went onto a nationally broadcast radio show and admitted that in the off season he puffs the majic dragon. Now I said to myself thats real but TMI. He then went on to say that most NBA athletes do too. What part of the game is this? It was enough to tell on yourself but you bring yo potnas into it too thats not cool. I like Josh Howard as an athlete I've never met him but I wonder why he said that? Did he think about how that made the nba look? How thats gone bring unnecessary heat on his fellow athletes? Or how about how some kid that wants to be in the nba someday might take that. that kid who wants to be like Josh Howard? Look I'm the First person to say that its the responsibility of the parents to raise their child, but being a parent myself now I see how celebrities and the media can make it hard on a parent. Whether we know it or not Hanna Montana has more control of our kids than we do. Which by the way why the hell is R. Kelly named the pied piper? Didn't the pied piper kidnap all the children from the village using his"Golden Flute" that spewed out golden tunes that smelled like pee? Anyway I close by saying celebrities and athletes and the media and myself included, it may not be your job to raise other people's children but it is your job to not f**k it up.

Mr. P

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Just another day @ FTL

So I had this customer who bought a pair of Jordan's from me at about 4:30 today. At 7:30pm this customer, who we'll name htown, came back into my store and told one of my staff members that she wanted to return that shoe because her son didn't like them and she was just going to give him the money and let him buy the shoes that he wanted. So at the counter while another one of my staff members was taking her information for the return he opened the box as it is policy to look at the shoes to make sure they hadn't been worn, he noticed that it was a different shoe than the one he had sold to her earlier. I mean it was the same shoe style but it was an obvious FAKE. My company does not carry fake sneakers. We have buyers that purchase our products directly from the vendors which names we've all heard of before. My staff member told the lady that those were not the shoes that he had sold to her earlier today and she then changed her story and said that she knew that they were fake and that this was the reason she was bringing them back. YEAH RIGHT!!! Look lady if you want your money back bring me the REAL J's that you have in your house right now and take those ugly a$$ fake a$$ shoes back to the flea market where you got them from. I have no problem returning a shoe if the customer has a reciept and is trying to cooperate with me. Htown tried to pull a fast one on me though. First of all I was already on my way home when I recieved a phone call from my assistant about this lady and her fake shoes. Htown wanted to speak to me since she felt that my assistant knew her little scheme to doop me out of 200 dollars. I asked my assistant, whom I will call Ms. M, if the shoes had the upc code in it to determine if the shoe was real or not. She determined that they were fake. I finally got on the phone with Htown and she was pleading her case saying that she didn't see the shoe before he sold it to her and that she was disgusted at the fact that we would give her fake shoes and that she wanted her money back and that I need to be at the store right away because she wasn't going to leave until I got there and gave her her money back, I mean she went on and on so I had to exit the freeway and Uturn my way back to my store on the other side of town.
By this time I'm pissed off because I know that I don't have fake jordan's in my store. I know that Htown is trying to get a pair of shoes from me for free and I am not going to allow anybody to take advantage of me by any means. So when I get to the store and actually look at these shoes myself it is horrible. Those shoes weren't even close to looking like the real thing. I very respectfully told her that I would not return it because these weren't the shoes that she bought from me earlier. Htown had a fit saying she wants my DM's number and that she wanted to speak to him tonight or she would not leave. So again Irespectfully told her that our business was done and she had to leave or I would call mall security. Of course she chose the call to mall security.! Mall security came and explained to her that once I've asked someone to leave they have to leave. Our business was finished and I was not going to do the return for her. She started saying she ain't afraid to go to jail and all this other BS. The security officer told her that he knows me and that if I could do something for her I would. I always bend over backwards to help my customers. So if i'm telling her I can't or won't rather she is going to have to leave and take it up with my DM. I did give Htown my DM's office number and the corporate customer service complaint line.
I mean come on really! I did not sell this lady fake Jordan's. I had just redid my Jordan window and put out fresh shoes. The shoe that she bought from me earlier was a display shoe which was taken from the window that I had just redid. You really believe that while putting these shoes out I wouldn't have noticed that there was a problem with one of my shoes.? I mean the audicity of some people. I know this shoe is high priced but if you couldn't afford the shoe honey don't buy it.
If any of you have a story when somebody tried to get over on you please feel free to share your stories with us...

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


I know it's been awhile since I've blogged but I've been swamped @ work. I can honestly say that I love my job. The hours that have to be put in to the line of work that I do is another story, but while I am there I have a blast. You would think that because I sell shoes and am dealing with peoples nasty a$$ feet it would suck but it's just the dealing with people that I enjoy so much. (FACT) Did you know that the Footlocker uniform is the 3rd most recognized in the country? Maybe that's lame of me to know but I'm telling you I feel like a celeb when I go somewhere in my getup. Even at Wally World people come up to me asking about shoes.

Trying to climb the corporate ladder as a woman is a little trying at times. You still have to take care of the kids and of course can't forget about your hubbie. Everyone is trying to get a piece of your day. Again I spend alot of time at work and sometimes the fam feels neglected. I leave by 8:30am and am liable to not come home till midnight on some occasions. I know some of you are thinking "midnight at a shoe store?". Yep! With audits and visits from you Regional VP you sometimes have to spend the night to ensure you have an immaculate representation of your store. All the hard work you put in will eventually pay off. If you think positive you will think of it like you hold a position that is only 3 levels down from your RVP and RVP is where I want to be. By the time I get to be a Manager Trainer which is 1 level up from where I am right now the District Manager position is right around the corner. Of course at the MT level you not only are training future managers but are helping with all the stores in your district. Basically training you for the next move up.

As a rookie manager for the company I am learning everyday. Sometimes I fall flat on my face but I always get back up, dust off, and keep it moving. I try to find out answers to my questions by reading company directives and calling up tenured managers. Even though they all have different styles they all pretty much have the same answers. We truly live by one team one goal. Don't get me wrong there is plenty of drama that goes into what we do but I definately won't go into those sore areas of the business. I will admit though the good definately out weighs the bad.

Of course on the homefront it's alittle different. They are feeling like I should be home more. I feel that but I keep preaching sacrifice and the things you have to do in life. I mean this is reality people. If you want to get anywhere in life there has to be sacrifice. Now I'm not saying sacrifice your family for your career but if I'm doing something that I love doing and I'm making decent money doing it and I'm happy shouldn't that count for something? I'm still at the stage in my life where i'm learning how to balance my career and my household. Don't quite got it down packed but i'm getting there. Mr. P and I do alot of talking and we make sure that the kids are well taken care of. Well let me rephrase that Mr. P takes very good care of the house issues while i'm selling the latest Jordan's. I want to take this time out to thank Mr. P for all that he does for his family. I couldn't dream of anyone else I would spend forever with than you daddy!!!
Corny? Don't care! It helps so much when you have someone to help you achieve your goals and you know is going to hold you down. Though sometimes I know it's hard for him he manages to pull miracles off all the time.

I'm sure that my sacrifices will pay off for me and my family. I'm also sure that my family will understand that it does take hard work and some sacrifices to get anywhere in life and will look up to me and be proud of where I am and how I got there.

Monday, April 14, 2008

I'm Just Saying...

I was sitting back getting "medicated" the other day when something struck me. Is it just me or does everyone else think that Barak Obama is the real life version of Michael Evans from Goodtimes. Think about it America, particularly Black America, he is the best of both worlds. Hell as far as I'm concerned he is michael evans. Michael should be around Baraks age by now, same complexion, same afro same button down and slacks. Man didn't Michael wear the same outfit in every episode. I mean he was a classy brother but he dressed every episode like he was studying. When I look at the show now I just find myself thinking "dam do he ever like play basketball or go swimming" you never saw michael in sports gear or like lounging clothes. Personally I think he slept in penny loafers, but I know you'd never catch a brother like him unprepared. Now I get it, If michael stayed in his interview clothes that good job would never catch him slipping. Mike was like "sh*t it don't matter what time they call I'm get that job." I feel you mike. Or he could have been just ready for them streets and been like "shit I know its crazy out here so if I always dress nice my momma aint got to worry bout getting me no suit." I feel you mike got to look out for momma.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Audacity of Hope

You know what I just figured out I have been guilty of something. I hear alot of people say that the majority of Barack supporters are voting with their heart not their heads. Mrs. P told me that I was voting with my heart but I thought she was just a hater. Although now I see what she meant, I still haven't change my stance. I still back Barack but not because he's black, but because in my heart I beleive that he can bring change. I'm not the most politically informed induvidual, so off top alot of people would dismiss my arguement. But I'll share why I believe in Barack. Simply put its his buzz. I know that may sound shallow but there is a method to my madness. He for the first time has black people wanting to vote. No one, in my time and I'm only 28, has got so many black people interested in voting. Hell they even tried to use hip hop to get us out there remember "rock the vote"? Well that didn't have any weight until it became Barack the vote. I consider myself a voice of the people. The people who aren't politically informed, who have never voted, who before this year could careless. The people who feel that its no use voting because in the end the "white man controls everything". Before anyone trips I'm not a racist or conspiritor but a product of generations of black people that in some way have experienced some racism and/or prejudice in their lifetime. Whether it's from police, employers, coaches, teachers etc.... Injustice can make a person feel helpless. These black people that I speak have built up such a hate and fear of injustice that it creates a live for today mentality. I'm ramblin off to say this Barack got me interested. Not only me but a bunch of people who may not agree on alot of things in general. Although there are different views on life in this country, I think everyone agrees it needs to get better because its slowly getting worse. Barack is that common ground that brings black and white democrats and some republicans together. Thats my who the Audacity of Hope speaks to. We now have the audacity to go into this election with hope even if thats all we have because that hope translates into votes.

Mr. P

Mr. P

Sunday, March 9, 2008

we got to do better!

Whats up America? Long time no speak, the reason I don't blog everyday is because if I did that I would just be giving you filler. Thats not my purpose, when I blog I want the reader to get a little insight on how my mind works so if I blog just to blog then I'm not giving you me. On top of that I'm pretty lazy and some days I just don't feel like it. But thats were Mrs. P comes in because I know she always has something to blog about so she will be the main course and I'm like that bomb-a** apetizer that you get a taste of and tell yourself man I could eat this by itself. Like some good jalepeno poppers or mozzarella sticks. But anyway the reason I crawled out of my cave to blog is I recently saw a news headline, about a teenage male in L.A. that was shot and killed by gangmembers all because he wasn't in a gang. here is the story in case I leave out details you can check it out for yourself. Well apparently this young man had a lot going for him such as scholarship offers to play college football. He was killed because he didn't respond to a question the way some gangmembers thought he should and he was killed yards from his front yard. This incident opened my eyes to a couple of issues, one gang violence is still alive and well in this country, and two there is obviously a black on brown conflict in this country that I wasn't aware of.

Now as far as gang violence goes thats actually a scary thought that you can be killed for not being affiliated period. One would think that by remaining nuetral you can avoid problems with either side, but these gangs are like parasites they latch on to weak or struggling neighborhoods, and by weak and struggling I mean financially, and suck them dry of all life hope and happiness. Its pretty hypocritical because to my understanding, and I could be wrong, gangs were originally formed to protect the neighborhood and its people. Protecting isn't going to other hoods and killing innocent people, that's preying. Its like they are working against themselves because while they go out shooting up other hoods they put innocent people in their own hood at risk for retaliation. Point is its got to stop sometime. You know the more I look at it the more clear it becomes to me that human beings are a very destructive species. Whats even scarier is that we are probably the most intelligent which gives us more creative ways to be destructive. (I say probably because if animals could talk they would probably tell us about even more dumb sh** that we do and don't even think about. For real, how many of us have done some dumb sh** and the only person around was your dog or cat or even a random donkey to witness it?)

Now this black on brown thing. this makes even less since to me than gang violence. If I'm not sure of anything on this planet I'm sure that black people and hispanic people no matter what origin: mexican, puerto rican, dominican, cuban, nicaraguan......, we pretty much have the same struggles in this country. If you grew up poor or not even poor but in the hood you had at least one mexican neighbor. They may not have even been mexican but if you grew up down south like I did we weren't schooled on different spanish speaking countries. In Texas if you speak spanish you're mexican. Which I think also should be addressed in public schools. I think the education should change with the times. Personally I would get offended if everyone referred to me as african. Man look I love all people don't get me wrong but I certainly feel that if I can relate to anybody its another minority. And I can't understand why there is so much black on brown crime. Man we have got to come together and get over what little differences we have cause I tell you what in the eyes of the law we are one in the same. I don't care if your last name is Jackson or Garcia if them people get a hold of you you're just a suspect. So we should really get over thess b.s. color barriers because when it is all said and done random acts of violence lead to one color red. Red blood that runs in the city streets, red eyes from family members mourning the dead, and hot red tempers for those frustrated people looking for answers to these problems.

Man lets stop the hating for real not even being cliche. If the world is truly coming to an end right now we are behind the wheel with our foot on the pedal.

Now to lighten the mood before I leave you I'll let you check out some hood sh** my potna smoothie from sent me

Monday, March 3, 2008

Rage against the machine

Why is it that some people mention something casually with the intent for the other person they are conversating with to ask them about that specific something mentioned but then act like they don't want to talk about it. I mean you were the one to mention it first so why not tell the story to the full intent. I don't know about you guys but that really pisses me off.
So I know this girl who's boyfriend just went back to contacts from glasses. He did it over the weekend so he hadn't been to work with his "new look". When he came home he preceded to tell her that he was going back to the glasses because he felt that it caused to much commotion. What? What did he mean by that? So my friend asked if someone had said something to him. He said "no not really". But I mean how do you start the conversation saying that it caused some attention but then turn around and say nobody said anything to you? So then he told her that a few of his colleagues mentioned something. So, like any girl would, she asked him who. He started calling off names and it happened to be all males. I'm sorry but number 1 is he wouldn't have even brought it up if it was all guys, right? So she kinda got suspicious at this point and asked him "so no girls said anything?". That's when he brought up a few other names and this time it wasn't just guys. My girl is tough though she wasn't just trippin' I mean she loves her man and trust him whole heartedly. So she preceded to ask him what the girls at his job said to him about the sudden metamorphesis. He told her that all they said was how different he looked.... How different he looks? Yea right! So my girl asked him what else they said that's when he started tripping talkn' bout thats why he don't tell her stuff cuz he knows she'll blow up and she has a bad temper and all this other BS. I mean fellas look alot of the time the only reason we do blow up is cuz you guys lie so damn much we don't know what to believe.
My friends boyfriend is attractive already and then when the glasses come off, watch out! She knows that girls are going to be hitting on him hell thats how she got him. The point is why can you start the story but get mad because she wants to know the whole truth. Guys I don't want to hear that he was telling the truth and why can't we as women accept this bs and that bs. I'm sorry but there is more to that story. Why do men find it so hard to tell the whole truth. Why do you guys feel the need to cover sh!t up. I know for me personally I want to know. Yea initially I might get alittle upset when hearing things that I don't fully agree with, but as long as Mr. P and I talk, not yell but talk, we can make it through another day. I wouldn't be mad at the fact that his coworkers, male and female, mentioned how great he looked. I would just be heated because Mr. P felt like he couldn't tell me the whole truth. I really don't get it. Guys if she gets upset about something like that just tell her the whole story. She might go green with jealousy for about 5 minutes until she realizes how lucky she is to have such a great guy who loved and respected her enough to tell her the truth, even though he knew it might upset her. Ladies when your man tells you stories and though you sometime fill with rage and you just want to hit something, don't go psycho Biotch on him. Just take the time to listen to him, if you don't his coworker might.....
We need to get better... I'm done with Church;)

Friday, February 29, 2008

Long time no speak!

Whats the deal America? Man I know its been awhile but ya boy has been busy lately. I was in training all last week at work. But I'm passed that and then see what had happened was, we got a laptop and said laptop so happened to come with an internal air card so to make a long story short one of our neighbors apparently figured out that we were co-inhabiting their wireless internet. And since this country is full of selfish people they promptly locked us out of their network. Now I tell you thats whats wrong with this country, I happen to stumble upon some free internet action and upon discovery the "owners" decide that they don't want to share. Look Jed Clampett was out shooting at some coon, and to this day I'm still not sure if that coon was racoon or coon like my cousin, lets be real yall if the show was old enough to be in black and white that means that coon could've been a forest critter or a civil rights leader. j/k. But ol' Jed came up on some bubbling crude. I felt like the wireless internet was my black gold.

Alas the Mrs. and I had to go out and "pay for our own service" but I'm not bitter. I imagine alot has happened since we last conversated, but whats fresh on my mind is a reality show I caught the other day. Celebrity Rehab. Man look if you're ever feeling down and need an escape from it all watch a reality show but I recommend Celebrity Rehab for those serious blues. For starters Half of these people I have never heard of so at first it was like man this is some b.s. But when they gathered in a circle and started discussing with their family members how their addictios affected them, the roller coaster started. You have the perfect ingredients for a celebrity rehab recipe. A porn star, of course, Brigette Neilson who is going to ride the reality show train to every stop it makes, some american idol finalist which doesn't surprise me because I imagined thats where they all go to die, and a couple of people who I think just really need help and happen to volunteer for celebrity rehab.

I know I got problems but watching other peoples problems on the big screen is a very comforting feeling for me. Because at the end of the day I know I've done some dum things and said some dum things but I thank the lord that he didn't make me O.J. Simpson or like Flavor Flav. Man look O.J. my boy but he is really making me wonder. Why don't he sit his dumb a** down somewhere. You live in miami why the hell would you let some dudes talk you into going to get yo sh** form these dudes in Vegas with guns. I could see if Johhny was Still Alive, RIP, but everybody know once he died all chances of victory were slim to none. You think T.I. would be still locked up if Johhny was alive hell no. I look at Johhny Cochran like he was a guardian angel over young dumb black men. But sad to say we beat that pinata till all the candy was gone. Thanks OJ and Puffy.

I'm through ramblin for now I just wanted to shoot the breeze since we aint spoke in awhile but I'll get back with yall. Keep it 100.

Monday, February 25, 2008

When it rains it pours...

Nothing has been more truer than those words, when it rains it pours. Can someone explain to me why that is the case almost every time. Just when you think you just got over one hump here comes the whole damn world crashing down on you all at the same time. For me is my car, first it's my tires, then it's my head gasket (so i thought), then my starter, and of course can't forget the brakes and to rotate or in my case replace the roters. Damn can a B!tch get a break.! All this and I still haven't recieved my debit card from my bank so if I'm conducting any business it had better be during bank hours so I can run over to withdraw all my little money to hand right over to this mechanic and keep my fingers crossed in hopes that he doesn't try to screw me over. Luckily my income tax came just in time and God handed me an umbrella for my rainy days. Anyway, I've been working so much for the last three weeks and haven't really had a full day off and when I tell you guys I'm tired you couldn't begin to understand how exhausted I am. I work for a huge retail chain that happens to sell sneakers and apparell. You probably have seen the uniform in your local mall, the one that looks like we should be at a basketball game working the floor. (I look so good in black and white). I love what I do because I'm so into fashion and all that other jazz. Plus it doesn't hurt that I'm the manager. I know you're probably thinking, well if you're the manager then you should be able to take the days off that you need, but it doesn't work that way. As a matter of fact it's kind of the opposite. When you manage a business you want to make sure that your days off are not going to hurt your busy days. What I mean by that is no one is going to take care of your customers and your business the way that you do. So of course Fridays and Saturdays are out of the question as far as days off are concerned. Mondays are office days so that's out of the question, now all you have is Tues.-Thursday. Sundays are touchy also. I can't complain too much, I'm actually doing something I like to do and I'm pretty damn good at it. Plus working in some nice tight black pants and the coolest sneakers doesn't hurt either. It's not all smooth sailing though. There's a constant hustle on making your goals each day and keeping on top of paperwork because when those Auditors hit your store that's exactly what they do they HIT your store. They dig and dig and dig through all your paperwork until they find everything wrong. That part of the job is not so fun but it makes you a more organized person. My audit just passed and I tell you all it was rough and the reason for my exhaustion. Since I haven't had a day off in a few weeks I'm definately starting to feel it. Anyway my StarBucks internet time is about finished and I can't get back on at home, the person we were "borrowing" the wireless signal caught wind of our connection and has permanately cut us off. We'll be getting our own wireless thing soon after I get caught up with paying for all this sh!t with my car. Anyway guys nothing exciting right now but Mr. P and I are going to be holding a "forum" on relationships coming up pretty soon so look out for that. We would love to hear comments and questions you guys might have so feel free to hit me up.....

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Do you remember watching Saturday morning cartoons? I just knew that I was learning Karate by watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Or like you and your cousins would fight to see who is going to be Michael Angelo, Rafael, Donatello or Leonardo, O to be 28 again... Just kiddin'. I thought that I would out grow the fact that I love watching cartoons but I honestly haven't. I still wake up in the mornings and watch the hell out of the cartoons with the kids. About a couple of years ago while staying up passed my allotted bedtime I came across a cable channel called Adult Swim. My life has never been the same since. They actually make cartoons for adults now. I mean I always knew that they did something like that with the whole Simpson's thing but I mean like Adult content type of cartoons.? GENIUS! Family Guy and Futurama are just two of our favorite shows that we love to watch on Adult Swim. Well once again AS comes to rescue our dull filled evening with this new type of cartoon looking anime' type of series called BLEACH. Mr. P and I were instantly hooked. The main character's name is Ichigo Kurasaki and he kicks major ass. He's always had the gift (or curse) of seeing souls of the dead. WICKED! That would suck.. Could you imagine seeing the souls of the dead??? That wouldn't trip you guys out? Anyway's he could see these souls and he'd always try to help them. So in comes this chick Rukia (english version/japanese version Lukia) and she's this soul reaper from a place called The Soul Society. Anyway somehow she ends up giving him all her powers and he becomes almost like a substitute Soul Reaper and he can actually shed his outer body and fight these "hollows" that torture and eat the souls of the dead. Of course there's more to the story, way more to the story and anyway I say all that to say that whoever created this anime series is a creative genius and all my Kudos go out to you man! It's a genuinely good show nothing nerdish about watching this sh*t. That ichigo is a beast, he can fight, he never says die, and he's always determined to stay alive to make sure he can protect his loved ones. We should all take a lesson from Bleach.

Mr. P and I love this cartoon. We watch about 2-3 episodes a night. We ended up buying the damn DVD's because Adult Swim just stopped playing it. Great marketing ploy to keep us wanting more to the point where we just had to know what happed so we went and caved in and bought it at some Anime shop. (i didn't even know they existed). But if you want to know what the hell I'm talking about maybe you could pull some episodes off of youtube. Me personally I would start watching it from the very 1st episode cuz alot of stuff could get quite confusing. Anyway my typing all this is taking my Ichigo away from me so gotta go!!!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

When In Rome...

For the last five years football and every other relevant sport has been stuffed down my throat. So much so that I have learned to love the game. If you can't beat'em join'em, right ladies? Why should I let him have all the fun? There is no reason us women can't enjoy a sport where the players consist of beautifully sculptured rich men on the field fighting for that extra inch just to get the first down! Those men are gladiators! My favorite part in watching these games is when I hear the helmets crashing into each other and it makes that CRUNCH-ing noise! That's when you know that there is about to be some football getting played. I was one of those girls that just went with her man, to look pretty, while he watched the game. When you have the kind of man that I do, at any given moment his phone would ring and it would be someone from anywhere in the country to ask him about some game score, what are his predictions on the next game, or even what college did a specific player attend, it can get quite aggravating. So instead of getting angry that he'd rather watch a game then whisper sweet nothings in my ear, I started asking questions as well. This man is so knowledgable about the sport I thought "When in rome...".
Ladies there is nothing sexier to men than a woman that actually knows what she's talking about when it comes to sports (and can cook)! That just gives you something else you can share with him. Now he's got no excuse as to why you can't go with him to the sports bar or wherever it is he said he's going to watch the game at. I'm not a master of all the rules yet but I have a general understanding of the game which consist of more than just knowing when they score a touchdown. I'm still learning the ins and outs of the whole thing but this is something i'm ejoying sharing with him. I'm pretty sure he enjoys teaching me. He gets a kick out of me when I'm screaming at the TV because the Ref. made a bum call. I know football season has come and gone already, GO GIANTS, but if you start now you could be ready for next season and this time you don't have to be the lost little pretty girl!

I'm not riiiiich b***ch

Whats the deal america? Man I just got back from the casino. I'm personally starting to think casinos are waaaay overated. Now I will admit that I haven't been to vegas yet but as far as the only one that I've been to twice, both times I have walked away disappointed. But maybe I went in expecting vegas or some casino that I've seen in any movie. But I enjoyed myself because of the people I went with but as for the casino itself I'm waiting to see better. Man there were so many old people smoking inside. It was like they all wanted to die there at the same time. I was like "is this a cult and they don't drink poison kool-aid anymore?" So I just moved to the bar and pretended to know how to play video poker and managed to waste enough time for the bartender to notice me and start sending some drinks my way. Terrible. I had two back to back cavs (cranberry and vodka) and I wasn't even sweating. Since that pissed me off the adrenaline from me getting mad burnt up whatever lil alchohol I had in my system. I drank a corona after that and just called it quits. Now I'm not a gambler I really went to just drink but once I saw that a buzz was extinct in this casino I just squandered away a few bucks on penny slots. Yeah I know I'm a cheapskate and its pretty ironic that a cheapskate is complaining about not having a good time at a casino but I look at casinos like women. If the right one comes along I spend a lil bread but until then this casino is my hoodrat and so she gets no cash.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Mrs. P's thoughts on the NIU Shooting

Can someone explain to me how a guy carrying a shottie and two handguns can just walk into a lecture hall and not be noticed until he's aiming at the professor? I mean I understand it's a big campus but Damn! A shotgun isn't a small weapon you could hide in your purse. You mean to tell me noone saw him walking on campus with his artillery of weapons? I'm sorry but I find that hard to believe. What is this world coming to? It's hard enough trying to study for finals, getting acclamated to the social pyramids in school and just being away from your family but now you have to be weary of getting shot while trying to achieve higher learning.? How can I be comfortable sending my kid off to college or junior high for that matter when I can't even trust the the school administration to ensure there is enough security in place that something like this wouldn't happen. The Northern Illinois University shooting is just one of far too many instances where some disgrutled guy thinks it's ok to take innocent peoples lives to make a statement. What pisses me off even more about this is the guy shot himself. He didn't even give the police the pleasure of shooting him. I mean if he intended to die anyway right? I'm sorry if I'm coming out heartless but did he have a heart when he just opened fire on a full house of innocent young people? No he didn't. He didn't leave a note as to why or any sort of explanation just a selfish act from an obvious psycho. The man was smart though you must admit. He even recieved honors from NIU, when he was a student there, for his research on self-inflicted wounds among prisoners in the U.S. prison system. Whats even more twilight zone-ish is that the University had gone into a lockdown in December when campus police found threats, racial slurs and references to the Virginia Tech shootings on one of the campus's bathrooms wall. At that point is where I would make sure security is tight. Especially if I live on campus? O hell yea I'm going to make sure I have emergency exit plans for every possible situation that arises. I mean even if i'm on the toilet I'm going to make sure that if something pop off I know exactly what to do, pull my pants up grab the toilet paper and run... I know i'm just going off about this shooting but it's just crazy to me you guys how much this country is changing and not necessarily for the better. It's kinda hard knowing that my kids have to be worried about getting shot and my eldest is only is 7th grade. I couldn't imagine the pain that those families in Illinois are going through right now. My prayers go out to them and I hope they can find the peace in knowing that their children are being taken care of by an awesome God. Think about it!!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

I'm Back

What's the deal america? I'm chillin just got home from work? Man i must say this was a pretty good valentines day. God blessed me with the finances to get a gift for all of my ladies today. Now before you haters start calling me a hypocrite cause what you just got from that sentence was that god made me a pimp. I bought a gift for my mom, Mrs. P, and my two lil girls. so I thought that was pretty sweet. Mrs. P got me a sweet watch to replace the first sweet watch that she got me that I lost a few months ago. I'm still hurting from losing that watch but this is kinda like when your mom accidentally runs over your dog but turns around and buys you another one. I mean this new one is pretty f-ing tight, but there's still a place in my heart for "old yeller". Its funny how some people celebrate their valentines days. I am pretty tired of typing the whole word valentine but i hate saying v-day. V-day sounds like a tragic event is about to happen like the end of the world or your girlfriend tells you her period is late, or popeyes ran out of chicken. So I heard a women say today her husband never buys her anything for valentines day, but she alawys buys him stuff. The real question here is does he have the cure for cancer? Obviously this man is a genius because if he can pull that off and still be married he 's ten times smarter than me. (only ten times) But her explaination was that their first valentines day he was sick and by the time the second valentines day came around they were engaged so they had to save money for the wedding and ever since she hasn't recieved a gift. Fellas I'll tell you what whoever that guy is, he is the official michael jordan of relationships because twice in a row he took an ill advised shot but he still ended up scoring. And now time for the disclaimer for Mrs. P "the views expressed buy Mr. P on do not directly reflect the views of Mr. P in the our relationship. Its just that he is a guy and real guys know real guys." Speaking of real guys what is going on with this sudden demand for male cosmetics? I really don't get it. Man Purses, man makeup? Man please! Are you freaking kidding me? Forget bald eagles, real men are an endangered species and people you know what I'm talking bout. If I offend you I'll just say I'm sorry with a smile. My goal here is to never try to purposely offend anybody, but I'm american and obviously we are know to let loose friendly fire. But seriously what country is going to respect us. Middle Easterners are probably like "yeah we hold hands, but yall wear mascara." The men of this country need to become spartans again. Spartans defended their country, pleased their women and raised their kids. Instead I see alot of those persian type dudes from the movie. you know the ones, taking xo's and feeling other dudes and women. Man for real I know its valentines day but I needed to get that off my chest. It just saddens me when i hear statistics on the radio like black women make up 75% of hiv postive people in houston! Man thats sad, so sad that you got to be like it can't be that high. But then you start thinking shiiiit these dudes going to jail fucking with other dudes and then coming home to his girl thinking he can quit cold turkey. But from what I see on Oprah and Ricki Lake these dlb's (down low brothers for those that don't know) apparently have a mind state of and I quote "Shit I aint gay I just sometime like to have a another man give me head." WHAT?! Man you couldn't be gayer if your name was Gayle Gayman. I'm saying that to say this I'm not bashing gay people but these dudes are heavy contributers to that 75% that is making Black women look like whores unjustly. Man I love my people but we got to do better. Well let me close church cause I'm rambling so keep it 100.

The Valentines day Massacre

Why is Valentines day so important to us women? Why do we expect all these gifts from these men to assure us of their undying love for us? Because they are supposed to that's why. I mean we're the ones that takes care of them all year long, being supportive of them on their jobs, buying them shoes and PS3's. Need I go on? Valentines is a day when women are supposed to be pampered and woo'ed. You guys have all year to plan for this occasion so why do you continue to wait till the last minute to get all your shopping done thus the end result being a not so romantic trip to the mall. I mean I'm not saying that the chocolates have to be Godiva but I mean put alittle thought into the day. Make us feel special. In most cases women don't want chocolates, to be honest. How about drawing your woman a bath and gently placing rose petals (or her favorite flowers petals)in the tub while you tell her how much you appreciate her. It might sound sappy fellas but trust me it works. I know that although sad but true there are some people out there that try and take advantage of females weakness for Valentines. They use tactics like cheap parlor tricks to make us believe that they are in love so we can,well, end the night on a Happy Valentine;) What's even sadder is that some women really fall for those guys. Listen Ladies we deserve to be treated like Queens whether its Valentines day or not don't ever allow anyone to make you forget your essence or your swagger it's what makes us who we are. Although the thought of true love seems like a fairy tale it can happen and I know alot of the issues are the fact that we want the good guy but we want the bad guy, hmm. Think about it! A friend of mine once told me "you want the picnic in the park but you want Tupac to do it for you". That might be true but I'm sure even Pac had his romantic moments.
Well this year I bought Mr. P a georgeous watch. It works off kinetic energy so he never has to replace the battery. Pretty thoughtful huh.? He's easy as long as we end it on a Happy Valentines;)

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Morning Blurb

Good Morning all! Just thought I'd jot a few words down before I head off into the blue collar world. So as you all know me and Mr. P are new to this whole blog thing. We've been together for a half a decade already and we find ourselves lucky to have found each other. Everyday we hear about couples not making it and looking for that mr. or mrs right. It's kind of sad now when you think about it, the divorce rate is at an all time high like 50-60 percent or some other ridiculous number. I don't exactly understand it. I mean have we forgotten the true essence of a marriage? It's never perfect even for us. People always ask us how come you guys aren't married yet? Well simply put we wanted to make sure this was for us. You don't really get to know somebody until you live together. How could i possibly say that I will marry you and spend the rest of my life with you and I don't even know how you live, what kind of person you are in the morning or even if you snore at night. I don't know about you all but for me it takes more than a couple of years to really get to know your mate. You hear it all the time, as soon as we got married he/she changed. I didn't want that for me or him for that matter. So we waited and let me tell you I'm glad we did. I know now that without a shadow of a doubt that Mr P is my Mr Right. The only one that is patient enough to deal with my moody ways, the only one that I can talk to openly with, and the only one that understands my views, whether he agrees with them or not at least he understands them. My bestfriend. I couldn't imagine life without him. It's all about compromise you guys, even when you know your right, for the sake of you sanity and relationship there has to be comprimise and of course communication. By no means am I saying that our relationship is perfect but what I am saying is that we take the time to talk it out we take the time to listen and best of all we just take time to always show one another how important we are to eachother. That's the most important thing for us anyway. Well all I'm running late like always. gotta go! Think about it!!!

Inaugural blog

Whats the deal? Let me start by introducing myself, I am Mr. P. My fiancee, Mrs. P, and i reside in Houston TX. We're just everyday people looking for a forum to voice our opinions and get some feedback from people who think like us or people who don't think like us. We're not here trying to force views down anyones throat or persuade anyone into thinking like us, hell half of the time we don't even think like each other. Truth be told I'm just a people person, I see everyday how an average person can make it big in this country just by finding their niche. I weighed my options and since I refuse to join a reality show cast, I may as well do a lil blogging and see what i come up with. My potna (partner) smoothie over at gave me the low down on how to be successful in this blog game. He said "just do you." Well here I am world wide web "I might be black i might be ugly, but lord knows i'm here"-Sealy from the color purple.