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Monday, April 28, 2008

Maybe-Michael Jordan Commercial


Are You F***king Kidding Me?!!!!!

Whats up America? This here is a two part post. I know I been laying low for a hot minute but understand don't take it personal this is who I am. I consider myself something like a blogging boa constricter. I lay in the cut and wait for a worthy cause to voice my opinion upon, cause after I attack you might not see me for another week till I hunger yet again.

First I'm start off with the Sean Bell Verdict (White America you knew it was coming):
"Maaan Thats Some Bulls**t" Now that I got that off my chest. This is some scary stuff for real. Scary and Agitating to be exact. Its scary because NY policemen shot this man, unarmed mind you, fitty times. Not only fitty shots, but one officer even re-loaded. If you unload a full clip into a car, stop to reload but your fellow officers are still shooting while you reload cause if you all re-loaded at the same time someone would have noticed that no one was shooting back. And if my facts are wrong about the number of shots fired america please tell me. But lets say I am exaggerating on the number of shots fired, how many bullets into an un-armed husband and father of two daughters is appropriate? I thought the rodney king verdict was crazy this is insane. LISTEN AND LISTEN CAREFULLY. WE SENT A YOUNG BLACK MAN, MICHAEL VICK, TO PRISON FOR FIGHTING DOGS, BUT WE SET FREE MANKILLERS? PROTECT AND SERVE WHO? MAN LOOK WHAT ARE THE OPTIONS FOR YOUNG MINORITY MALES. IT WENT FROM BEING YOU HAD TO WORRY ABOUT THE HOOD TAKING YOU UNDER, BUT TO NOW YOU CANT TELL THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE COPS AND THE ROBBERS. Man I personally hate when my people, black people play the race card because I know at times our theories can get out of hand, but come on when its blatant. And I know some smart-ass is going to say "Well one or more of the officers were minorities" Well slaves were used to catch other slaves back in the day as well. Speaking on behalf of black people I think we all agree that we have our real sh** and our knockoffs. Simply put we are not all made the same it takes a certain kind of person to consciously aid others in the slaying of your own people. I assume that remains true to any race or walk of life but I'm speaking as a black man.

I'm also scared cause I've seen prey become the predator over less. We all remember the Rodney King Riots and that was just over an a**-whooping. I don't want to see anything ill go down but you can only push people so far before they feel backed into a corner. I plead with you America we have got to find a way to stop this injustice because each example is just like a festering sore on the image of this country. Now this is not an attack on any race by any means but an attack on injustice and flatout B.S.


Again I repeat "Man thats some bulls**t". Josh whats the deal homey? Man you can't put people in ya bidness like that kinflok. for those of you who dont know Josh Howard plays for the NBA's Dallas Mavericks. The Mavericks are currently in the playoffs and last week Josh Howard went onto a nationally broadcast radio show and admitted that in the off season he puffs the majic dragon. Now I said to myself thats real but TMI. He then went on to say that most NBA athletes do too. What part of the game is this? It was enough to tell on yourself but you bring yo potnas into it too thats not cool. I like Josh Howard as an athlete I've never met him but I wonder why he said that? Did he think about how that made the nba look? How thats gone bring unnecessary heat on his fellow athletes? Or how about how some kid that wants to be in the nba someday might take that. that kid who wants to be like Josh Howard? Look I'm the First person to say that its the responsibility of the parents to raise their child, but being a parent myself now I see how celebrities and the media can make it hard on a parent. Whether we know it or not Hanna Montana has more control of our kids than we do. Which by the way why the hell is R. Kelly named the pied piper? Didn't the pied piper kidnap all the children from the village using his"Golden Flute" that spewed out golden tunes that smelled like pee? Anyway I close by saying celebrities and athletes and the media and myself included, it may not be your job to raise other people's children but it is your job to not f**k it up.

Mr. P

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Just another day @ FTL

So I had this customer who bought a pair of Jordan's from me at about 4:30 today. At 7:30pm this customer, who we'll name htown, came back into my store and told one of my staff members that she wanted to return that shoe because her son didn't like them and she was just going to give him the money and let him buy the shoes that he wanted. So at the counter while another one of my staff members was taking her information for the return he opened the box as it is policy to look at the shoes to make sure they hadn't been worn, he noticed that it was a different shoe than the one he had sold to her earlier. I mean it was the same shoe style but it was an obvious FAKE. My company does not carry fake sneakers. We have buyers that purchase our products directly from the vendors which names we've all heard of before. My staff member told the lady that those were not the shoes that he had sold to her earlier today and she then changed her story and said that she knew that they were fake and that this was the reason she was bringing them back. YEAH RIGHT!!! Look lady if you want your money back bring me the REAL J's that you have in your house right now and take those ugly a$$ fake a$$ shoes back to the flea market where you got them from. I have no problem returning a shoe if the customer has a reciept and is trying to cooperate with me. Htown tried to pull a fast one on me though. First of all I was already on my way home when I recieved a phone call from my assistant about this lady and her fake shoes. Htown wanted to speak to me since she felt that my assistant knew her little scheme to doop me out of 200 dollars. I asked my assistant, whom I will call Ms. M, if the shoes had the upc code in it to determine if the shoe was real or not. She determined that they were fake. I finally got on the phone with Htown and she was pleading her case saying that she didn't see the shoe before he sold it to her and that she was disgusted at the fact that we would give her fake shoes and that she wanted her money back and that I need to be at the store right away because she wasn't going to leave until I got there and gave her her money back, I mean she went on and on so I had to exit the freeway and Uturn my way back to my store on the other side of town.
By this time I'm pissed off because I know that I don't have fake jordan's in my store. I know that Htown is trying to get a pair of shoes from me for free and I am not going to allow anybody to take advantage of me by any means. So when I get to the store and actually look at these shoes myself it is horrible. Those shoes weren't even close to looking like the real thing. I very respectfully told her that I would not return it because these weren't the shoes that she bought from me earlier. Htown had a fit saying she wants my DM's number and that she wanted to speak to him tonight or she would not leave. So again Irespectfully told her that our business was done and she had to leave or I would call mall security. Of course she chose the call to mall security.! Mall security came and explained to her that once I've asked someone to leave they have to leave. Our business was finished and I was not going to do the return for her. She started saying she ain't afraid to go to jail and all this other BS. The security officer told her that he knows me and that if I could do something for her I would. I always bend over backwards to help my customers. So if i'm telling her I can't or won't rather she is going to have to leave and take it up with my DM. I did give Htown my DM's office number and the corporate customer service complaint line.
I mean come on really! I did not sell this lady fake Jordan's. I had just redid my Jordan window and put out fresh shoes. The shoe that she bought from me earlier was a display shoe which was taken from the window that I had just redid. You really believe that while putting these shoes out I wouldn't have noticed that there was a problem with one of my shoes.? I mean the audicity of some people. I know this shoe is high priced but if you couldn't afford the shoe honey don't buy it.
If any of you have a story when somebody tried to get over on you please feel free to share your stories with us...

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


I know it's been awhile since I've blogged but I've been swamped @ work. I can honestly say that I love my job. The hours that have to be put in to the line of work that I do is another story, but while I am there I have a blast. You would think that because I sell shoes and am dealing with peoples nasty a$$ feet it would suck but it's just the dealing with people that I enjoy so much. (FACT) Did you know that the Footlocker uniform is the 3rd most recognized in the country? Maybe that's lame of me to know but I'm telling you I feel like a celeb when I go somewhere in my getup. Even at Wally World people come up to me asking about shoes.

Trying to climb the corporate ladder as a woman is a little trying at times. You still have to take care of the kids and of course can't forget about your hubbie. Everyone is trying to get a piece of your day. Again I spend alot of time at work and sometimes the fam feels neglected. I leave by 8:30am and am liable to not come home till midnight on some occasions. I know some of you are thinking "midnight at a shoe store?". Yep! With audits and visits from you Regional VP you sometimes have to spend the night to ensure you have an immaculate representation of your store. All the hard work you put in will eventually pay off. If you think positive you will think of it like you hold a position that is only 3 levels down from your RVP and RVP is where I want to be. By the time I get to be a Manager Trainer which is 1 level up from where I am right now the District Manager position is right around the corner. Of course at the MT level you not only are training future managers but are helping with all the stores in your district. Basically training you for the next move up.

As a rookie manager for the company I am learning everyday. Sometimes I fall flat on my face but I always get back up, dust off, and keep it moving. I try to find out answers to my questions by reading company directives and calling up tenured managers. Even though they all have different styles they all pretty much have the same answers. We truly live by one team one goal. Don't get me wrong there is plenty of drama that goes into what we do but I definately won't go into those sore areas of the business. I will admit though the good definately out weighs the bad.

Of course on the homefront it's alittle different. They are feeling like I should be home more. I feel that but I keep preaching sacrifice and the things you have to do in life. I mean this is reality people. If you want to get anywhere in life there has to be sacrifice. Now I'm not saying sacrifice your family for your career but if I'm doing something that I love doing and I'm making decent money doing it and I'm happy shouldn't that count for something? I'm still at the stage in my life where i'm learning how to balance my career and my household. Don't quite got it down packed but i'm getting there. Mr. P and I do alot of talking and we make sure that the kids are well taken care of. Well let me rephrase that Mr. P takes very good care of the house issues while i'm selling the latest Jordan's. I want to take this time out to thank Mr. P for all that he does for his family. I couldn't dream of anyone else I would spend forever with than you daddy!!!
Corny? Don't care! It helps so much when you have someone to help you achieve your goals and you know is going to hold you down. Though sometimes I know it's hard for him he manages to pull miracles off all the time.

I'm sure that my sacrifices will pay off for me and my family. I'm also sure that my family will understand that it does take hard work and some sacrifices to get anywhere in life and will look up to me and be proud of where I am and how I got there.

Monday, April 14, 2008

I'm Just Saying...

I was sitting back getting "medicated" the other day when something struck me. Is it just me or does everyone else think that Barak Obama is the real life version of Michael Evans from Goodtimes. Think about it America, particularly Black America, he is the best of both worlds. Hell as far as I'm concerned he is michael evans. Michael should be around Baraks age by now, same complexion, same afro same button down and slacks. Man didn't Michael wear the same outfit in every episode. I mean he was a classy brother but he dressed every episode like he was studying. When I look at the show now I just find myself thinking "dam do he ever like play basketball or go swimming" you never saw michael in sports gear or like lounging clothes. Personally I think he slept in penny loafers, but I know you'd never catch a brother like him unprepared. Now I get it, If michael stayed in his interview clothes that good job would never catch him slipping. Mike was like "sh*t it don't matter what time they call I'm get that job." I feel you mike. Or he could have been just ready for them streets and been like "shit I know its crazy out here so if I always dress nice my momma aint got to worry bout getting me no suit." I feel you mike got to look out for momma.