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Friday, March 14, 2008

Audacity of Hope

You know what I just figured out I have been guilty of something. I hear alot of people say that the majority of Barack supporters are voting with their heart not their heads. Mrs. P told me that I was voting with my heart but I thought she was just a hater. Although now I see what she meant, I still haven't change my stance. I still back Barack but not because he's black, but because in my heart I beleive that he can bring change. I'm not the most politically informed induvidual, so off top alot of people would dismiss my arguement. But I'll share why I believe in Barack. Simply put its his buzz. I know that may sound shallow but there is a method to my madness. He for the first time has black people wanting to vote. No one, in my time and I'm only 28, has got so many black people interested in voting. Hell they even tried to use hip hop to get us out there remember "rock the vote"? Well that didn't have any weight until it became Barack the vote. I consider myself a voice of the people. The people who aren't politically informed, who have never voted, who before this year could careless. The people who feel that its no use voting because in the end the "white man controls everything". Before anyone trips I'm not a racist or conspiritor but a product of generations of black people that in some way have experienced some racism and/or prejudice in their lifetime. Whether it's from police, employers, coaches, teachers etc.... Injustice can make a person feel helpless. These black people that I speak have built up such a hate and fear of injustice that it creates a live for today mentality. I'm ramblin off to say this Barack got me interested. Not only me but a bunch of people who may not agree on alot of things in general. Although there are different views on life in this country, I think everyone agrees it needs to get better because its slowly getting worse. Barack is that common ground that brings black and white democrats and some republicans together. Thats my who the Audacity of Hope speaks to. We now have the audacity to go into this election with hope even if thats all we have because that hope translates into votes.

Mr. P

Mr. P

Sunday, March 9, 2008

we got to do better!

Whats up America? Long time no speak, the reason I don't blog everyday is because if I did that I would just be giving you filler. Thats not my purpose, when I blog I want the reader to get a little insight on how my mind works so if I blog just to blog then I'm not giving you me. On top of that I'm pretty lazy and some days I just don't feel like it. But thats were Mrs. P comes in because I know she always has something to blog about so she will be the main course and I'm like that bomb-a** apetizer that you get a taste of and tell yourself man I could eat this by itself. Like some good jalepeno poppers or mozzarella sticks. But anyway the reason I crawled out of my cave to blog is I recently saw a news headline, about a teenage male in L.A. that was shot and killed by gangmembers all because he wasn't in a gang. here is the story in case I leave out details you can check it out for yourself. Well apparently this young man had a lot going for him such as scholarship offers to play college football. He was killed because he didn't respond to a question the way some gangmembers thought he should and he was killed yards from his front yard. This incident opened my eyes to a couple of issues, one gang violence is still alive and well in this country, and two there is obviously a black on brown conflict in this country that I wasn't aware of.

Now as far as gang violence goes thats actually a scary thought that you can be killed for not being affiliated period. One would think that by remaining nuetral you can avoid problems with either side, but these gangs are like parasites they latch on to weak or struggling neighborhoods, and by weak and struggling I mean financially, and suck them dry of all life hope and happiness. Its pretty hypocritical because to my understanding, and I could be wrong, gangs were originally formed to protect the neighborhood and its people. Protecting isn't going to other hoods and killing innocent people, that's preying. Its like they are working against themselves because while they go out shooting up other hoods they put innocent people in their own hood at risk for retaliation. Point is its got to stop sometime. You know the more I look at it the more clear it becomes to me that human beings are a very destructive species. Whats even scarier is that we are probably the most intelligent which gives us more creative ways to be destructive. (I say probably because if animals could talk they would probably tell us about even more dumb sh** that we do and don't even think about. For real, how many of us have done some dumb sh** and the only person around was your dog or cat or even a random donkey to witness it?)

Now this black on brown thing. this makes even less since to me than gang violence. If I'm not sure of anything on this planet I'm sure that black people and hispanic people no matter what origin: mexican, puerto rican, dominican, cuban, nicaraguan......, we pretty much have the same struggles in this country. If you grew up poor or not even poor but in the hood you had at least one mexican neighbor. They may not have even been mexican but if you grew up down south like I did we weren't schooled on different spanish speaking countries. In Texas if you speak spanish you're mexican. Which I think also should be addressed in public schools. I think the education should change with the times. Personally I would get offended if everyone referred to me as african. Man look I love all people don't get me wrong but I certainly feel that if I can relate to anybody its another minority. And I can't understand why there is so much black on brown crime. Man we have got to come together and get over what little differences we have cause I tell you what in the eyes of the law we are one in the same. I don't care if your last name is Jackson or Garcia if them people get a hold of you you're just a suspect. So we should really get over thess b.s. color barriers because when it is all said and done random acts of violence lead to one color red. Red blood that runs in the city streets, red eyes from family members mourning the dead, and hot red tempers for those frustrated people looking for answers to these problems.

Man lets stop the hating for real not even being cliche. If the world is truly coming to an end right now we are behind the wheel with our foot on the pedal.

Now to lighten the mood before I leave you I'll let you check out some hood sh** my potna smoothie from sent me

Monday, March 3, 2008

Rage against the machine

Why is it that some people mention something casually with the intent for the other person they are conversating with to ask them about that specific something mentioned but then act like they don't want to talk about it. I mean you were the one to mention it first so why not tell the story to the full intent. I don't know about you guys but that really pisses me off.
So I know this girl who's boyfriend just went back to contacts from glasses. He did it over the weekend so he hadn't been to work with his "new look". When he came home he preceded to tell her that he was going back to the glasses because he felt that it caused to much commotion. What? What did he mean by that? So my friend asked if someone had said something to him. He said "no not really". But I mean how do you start the conversation saying that it caused some attention but then turn around and say nobody said anything to you? So then he told her that a few of his colleagues mentioned something. So, like any girl would, she asked him who. He started calling off names and it happened to be all males. I'm sorry but number 1 is he wouldn't have even brought it up if it was all guys, right? So she kinda got suspicious at this point and asked him "so no girls said anything?". That's when he brought up a few other names and this time it wasn't just guys. My girl is tough though she wasn't just trippin' I mean she loves her man and trust him whole heartedly. So she preceded to ask him what the girls at his job said to him about the sudden metamorphesis. He told her that all they said was how different he looked.... How different he looks? Yea right! So my girl asked him what else they said that's when he started tripping talkn' bout thats why he don't tell her stuff cuz he knows she'll blow up and she has a bad temper and all this other BS. I mean fellas look alot of the time the only reason we do blow up is cuz you guys lie so damn much we don't know what to believe.
My friends boyfriend is attractive already and then when the glasses come off, watch out! She knows that girls are going to be hitting on him hell thats how she got him. The point is why can you start the story but get mad because she wants to know the whole truth. Guys I don't want to hear that he was telling the truth and why can't we as women accept this bs and that bs. I'm sorry but there is more to that story. Why do men find it so hard to tell the whole truth. Why do you guys feel the need to cover sh!t up. I know for me personally I want to know. Yea initially I might get alittle upset when hearing things that I don't fully agree with, but as long as Mr. P and I talk, not yell but talk, we can make it through another day. I wouldn't be mad at the fact that his coworkers, male and female, mentioned how great he looked. I would just be heated because Mr. P felt like he couldn't tell me the whole truth. I really don't get it. Guys if she gets upset about something like that just tell her the whole story. She might go green with jealousy for about 5 minutes until she realizes how lucky she is to have such a great guy who loved and respected her enough to tell her the truth, even though he knew it might upset her. Ladies when your man tells you stories and though you sometime fill with rage and you just want to hit something, don't go psycho Biotch on him. Just take the time to listen to him, if you don't his coworker might.....
We need to get better... I'm done with Church;)