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Monday, November 17, 2008

A pekingese and his cow pt2

Hi all this is our baby Woody. He has this weird infatuation with this cow, but who are we to judge?

Friday, November 14, 2008

Shaq Disses Kobe in Rap in NYC (

In Case you didn't know

O Really?

Whats up America? I know i normally get on here and rant about some political b.s., but deep inside me beats the heart of a sports fan. So today I want to speak on sports, well mainly Shaq. I used to be a shaq fan, nut over the last few years his comments in the media have really changed the way I look at the big guy.

First of all the thing that even made me want to speak on this is I was surfing and ran across the headline "Shaq: Jackson nurtured fued with Kobe". So anybody who pays attention to sports knows about the shaq vs kobe fued. So then I start reading and run across the set of words "I'm going on record as saying that me and kobe are the best guard-center combo the Lakers ever had." America I'm not going to lie They were dominant, but I vomited several times after reading that. First of all thats disrespectful to other Laker greats like Majic and Kareem who he specifically said he and kobe were better than. Who also won more titles than shaq and kobe. It was also disrespectful when he said that they were better than wilt chamberlain and jerry west who were pioneers of the sport. Nobody gives a d**** who the best Laker guard-center combo was. People are impressed with bottom line figures though, so if anything shaq and kobe were underacheivers. But it all boils down to Shaq still wanting to be relevant. The older he gets the less he wants to here about the next great player because with him its like when a kid is used to being the baby of the family but then his momma get pregnant again and he just start hating on the new baby. He did it with Kobe, and Yao. He always tries to put himself up so high, not even realizing what a great legacy he already has but gets diminished each time he tels us how great he is. You know like the pretty girl who tells everyone how pretty she is. Dude just chill leave the game like a grown man, not flipping everybody off as you walk out the door. Nobody can do what they used to do 10-15 yrs ago. Sh** I used to consider myself to be one of the best madden players out there now with this new internet thing I'm getting my a** handed to me, but you don't see me dissing little kids.

Shaq stop hating on players that when its all said and done may actually be better than you, stop making songs asking people to tell you how your a** taste, and stop thinking that the whole shaq-fu thing was ever funny.

Mr. P