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Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Just sitting at home thinking of us and how much we've been through
All I can see is an endless forever between me and you
Who would have thought that we would have what we do
And though it sometimes gets hard it stills feel brand new.

I have no choice in the matter the heart feels what it feels
Sometimes I pinch myself just to see if it's real
It might not matter to many but for me it's a big deal
Our love is everlasting round and round like a wheel.

You are the missing piece of my soul that found me
I am your rib that was missing and now you can see
Why it's so important for you to hold the key
To my body mind and soul so that you can set me free!

Monday, November 17, 2008

A pekingese and his cow pt2

Hi all this is our baby Woody. He has this weird infatuation with this cow, but who are we to judge?

Friday, November 14, 2008

Shaq Disses Kobe in Rap in NYC (

In Case you didn't know

O Really?

Whats up America? I know i normally get on here and rant about some political b.s., but deep inside me beats the heart of a sports fan. So today I want to speak on sports, well mainly Shaq. I used to be a shaq fan, nut over the last few years his comments in the media have really changed the way I look at the big guy.

First of all the thing that even made me want to speak on this is I was surfing and ran across the headline "Shaq: Jackson nurtured fued with Kobe". So anybody who pays attention to sports knows about the shaq vs kobe fued. So then I start reading and run across the set of words "I'm going on record as saying that me and kobe are the best guard-center combo the Lakers ever had." America I'm not going to lie They were dominant, but I vomited several times after reading that. First of all thats disrespectful to other Laker greats like Majic and Kareem who he specifically said he and kobe were better than. Who also won more titles than shaq and kobe. It was also disrespectful when he said that they were better than wilt chamberlain and jerry west who were pioneers of the sport. Nobody gives a d**** who the best Laker guard-center combo was. People are impressed with bottom line figures though, so if anything shaq and kobe were underacheivers. But it all boils down to Shaq still wanting to be relevant. The older he gets the less he wants to here about the next great player because with him its like when a kid is used to being the baby of the family but then his momma get pregnant again and he just start hating on the new baby. He did it with Kobe, and Yao. He always tries to put himself up so high, not even realizing what a great legacy he already has but gets diminished each time he tels us how great he is. You know like the pretty girl who tells everyone how pretty she is. Dude just chill leave the game like a grown man, not flipping everybody off as you walk out the door. Nobody can do what they used to do 10-15 yrs ago. Sh** I used to consider myself to be one of the best madden players out there now with this new internet thing I'm getting my a** handed to me, but you don't see me dissing little kids.

Shaq stop hating on players that when its all said and done may actually be better than you, stop making songs asking people to tell you how your a** taste, and stop thinking that the whole shaq-fu thing was ever funny.

Mr. P

Monday, October 20, 2008

So I know it's been a while since last we spoke but I've been so busy with life I hardly have time to relax and have a moment to myself let alone pick up the laptop and bore you guys with all the details of what's going on with me. Anyway I read Mr. P's view on this whole election saga and the whole black and white issues surrounding them and I must say I agree, racism is definately not dead. Though we as americans want to believe that we live in this fairy tale eutopia where it is non existant, it is very much alive, but understand it goes both ways! I'm not writing today to go into all that though. What I will say is that you shouldn't vote on this country's next leader based on the color of their skin instead it should be on the best candidate who you feel will do the best job and represent the country as a whole with our best interest in mind with no regard to their ethnicity. Keep in mind there is no pure american! We are all mixed up in one way or another. Indians were here first and since then we've mixed up so much some of us don't know what kind of ethnicity is in our geneological tree. Hell, I'm puerto rican which is a mixture of spaniard, caribbean indian and african.
What I don't want for this country is for people to be so blinded by the color spectrum that they lose sight of what's really important which is that finally Bush will be out of office and it surely can't get any worse than what he's done for us or should I say to us! At the same time people please know the views of your candidate. Know what they intend to do with our country know what they stand for and learn about their background before you make an uninformed decision and it back fires on us.
I heard this interview on the radio today where a reporter was asking some young black men who they were voting for, of course they said Obama. When asked about Obama's decision on having Palin run as his VP they said they would have no problem with a woman as his Vice President! HELLO, that's McCain running mate! See the reporter switched all of Obama's stances with McCain's and just told the guys that they were Obama's and they all sided with Obama, not even knowing that the reporter just proved his point on people choosing their candidate based on color. This type of uninformed decisions could bring this whole country down to it's knees. I don't want to bore you with all this electorial mumbo jumbo all I want to say is that knowledge is power and please make sure you are all informed and make your decision on the candidate that best fits you!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Long Time No Speak

What it do America? It's ya boy Mr. P. Man we apologize for being out of pocket for so long, but we are all grown so you can understand life throws you curve balls and it took us awhile to adjust our swing. But we back slowly but surely. Well since we last blogged we;ve moved into another house, I received a promotion at my job and then Mrs. P had her car stolen all in a one month span. So lifes been bitter sweet, but all in all we're good. The stories behind all these events will come in time I'm just too lazy to type about all of them now. Also I'm sure that Mrs. P will fill you all in on them as well so just hang tight. But I must warn you that I have a condition withshort term memory loss due to the "Medication" that I am taking so if you happen to want to hear about a particular story feel free to post a comment and we will oblige.
Well there is alot going on nowadays. Its election time and this years race is full of entertainment. As I stated before I was never big into politics until this year and boy have I been missing some ill sh**. I don't know if all elections are this greasy, but this sh** is crazy. First thing I noticed is that racism is still very much alive in this country, I mean I'm no fool but Obama running for president has made the racists come out of the wood work. But this is the tripped out part he gets hated on by black and white people. Pardon my french but thats f****** up. He gets 5x the hate of a regular blackman but he is only half black. Thats like having two crazy a** baby mommas who don't even like each other but join together to bring you down. I admire Barack though, because he displays poise in this race like Tom Brady in the pocket. He takes their best shots and kills them with kindness. He shakes it off and he keeps it moving. The hardest thing in the world to do. When people make sly remarks in the media regarding him and his family he keeps it moving. Thats a real man. He has his mind on his mission and won't let petty b.s. get in his way. Cause lord knows if somebody was on tv talking sideways about my fam I'm going to want to see whats the deal when we meet.

I also noticed that although Barack is catching it hard, its hell on anyone of Indian decent. Man they catch it from everybody too. White people are still pissed about 911 and hate anything that looks like its terrorist related. I mean they can be persian, hindu, pakistani it doesn't matter they are officially in the "they all look alike" club. Black people we already don't trust anybody or anything so in our minds if these terrorist took down a plane and some buildings then they aint playing. Black people have survived too many shootouts in the hood to have somebody blow them up while they out of the hood.

I'm not goin to get into the actual election may the best man win. But for real though Sarah Palin looks like she is about a bottle of Patron away from being on like Girls Gone Wild making out on a bus with chicks. Seriously why did he choose her? The only purpose she serves is to be eye candy. Listening to her talk about politics is like reading a low rider magazine.

Thats it for now as I can feel the carpel tunnel setting in.


Mr. P

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Father's Day

Whats up america? Mr. P back in the hizzouse. Nall let me quit I do not condone the use of the word hizzouse. It was tight when snoop started talking like that, nall it wasn't but it was his sh** though next thing you know you got kids saying it, old people, white people; it got out of control. Now before the white people get upset I'm not gone leave you hanging, I'm sure you feel the same way when a black person have expanded vocabulary or when a hispanic person speaks english. Disclaimer: At times in my past I have been known to use the word crizzib in reference to my dwelling but that was different.

Now fathers day. I know its not until Sunday but I say Happy Fathers Day to all dads now because I may excuse me won't blog on that day because i will not think about it. Man I was listening to the radio the other morning on my way to work and they were having a discussion on fathers day. Man I can't understand how if they are discussing fathers day a mf would take the time out they morning and call in to talk about deadbeat dads. Not that they don't exist but dam why are they even being acknowledged on fathers day. the best thing you can do is not even mention them on fathers day and everybody will be better. Its like this you got sh** and you got ice cream. If some ice cream falls on some sh** its still just sh**, but if the tiniest piece of sh** gets in a huge bowl of ice cream its ruined. But you know what its 2008 and I know there is someone out there, hopefully no one who reads this blog, who would scoop that shit out and eat that ice cream lol!!!!!!!!!!!! You are a nasty induvidual!!!!!! Now that I think of it I guess we are all bowls of ice cream in our own right. Some people you can smell their sh** from a mile away, some you can't smell it until you get to the center of the bowl and you say to yourself "that wasn't chocolate after all." My point is man life is short get you a good bowl of ice cream if you finding yourself constantly scooping shit maybe you need a new bowl. Don't confuse it though cause some of you gone drop shit in your bowl and say i need a new one when your bowl was fine till you f****** it up. If you got a good bowl do your best to keep shit out of it cause it'll never taste the same. This Fathers day don't shit in somebody else's bowl. If you don't have a father honor some positive male role model. If you old enough to read this blog then surely you have encountered some positive male an uncle, older cousin, teacher, preist (unless you're catholic), hell if you think about it even the weedman should get a happy fathers day he provides much needed support to many bastard youth. Hell some weed men have even watched some kids grow up. "Boy I remember when you stole $10 from yo momma and bought yo first sac. Couldn't even drive now look at ya, buying dro. Boy you gone make me cry." Yeeeeaaaah Happy Father's Day!!!

Mr. P