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Monday, October 20, 2008

So I know it's been a while since last we spoke but I've been so busy with life I hardly have time to relax and have a moment to myself let alone pick up the laptop and bore you guys with all the details of what's going on with me. Anyway I read Mr. P's view on this whole election saga and the whole black and white issues surrounding them and I must say I agree, racism is definately not dead. Though we as americans want to believe that we live in this fairy tale eutopia where it is non existant, it is very much alive, but understand it goes both ways! I'm not writing today to go into all that though. What I will say is that you shouldn't vote on this country's next leader based on the color of their skin instead it should be on the best candidate who you feel will do the best job and represent the country as a whole with our best interest in mind with no regard to their ethnicity. Keep in mind there is no pure american! We are all mixed up in one way or another. Indians were here first and since then we've mixed up so much some of us don't know what kind of ethnicity is in our geneological tree. Hell, I'm puerto rican which is a mixture of spaniard, caribbean indian and african.
What I don't want for this country is for people to be so blinded by the color spectrum that they lose sight of what's really important which is that finally Bush will be out of office and it surely can't get any worse than what he's done for us or should I say to us! At the same time people please know the views of your candidate. Know what they intend to do with our country know what they stand for and learn about their background before you make an uninformed decision and it back fires on us.
I heard this interview on the radio today where a reporter was asking some young black men who they were voting for, of course they said Obama. When asked about Obama's decision on having Palin run as his VP they said they would have no problem with a woman as his Vice President! HELLO, that's McCain running mate! See the reporter switched all of Obama's stances with McCain's and just told the guys that they were Obama's and they all sided with Obama, not even knowing that the reporter just proved his point on people choosing their candidate based on color. This type of uninformed decisions could bring this whole country down to it's knees. I don't want to bore you with all this electorial mumbo jumbo all I want to say is that knowledge is power and please make sure you are all informed and make your decision on the candidate that best fits you!

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