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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Father's Day

Whats up america? Mr. P back in the hizzouse. Nall let me quit I do not condone the use of the word hizzouse. It was tight when snoop started talking like that, nall it wasn't but it was his sh** though next thing you know you got kids saying it, old people, white people; it got out of control. Now before the white people get upset I'm not gone leave you hanging, I'm sure you feel the same way when a black person have expanded vocabulary or when a hispanic person speaks english. Disclaimer: At times in my past I have been known to use the word crizzib in reference to my dwelling but that was different.

Now fathers day. I know its not until Sunday but I say Happy Fathers Day to all dads now because I may excuse me won't blog on that day because i will not think about it. Man I was listening to the radio the other morning on my way to work and they were having a discussion on fathers day. Man I can't understand how if they are discussing fathers day a mf would take the time out they morning and call in to talk about deadbeat dads. Not that they don't exist but dam why are they even being acknowledged on fathers day. the best thing you can do is not even mention them on fathers day and everybody will be better. Its like this you got sh** and you got ice cream. If some ice cream falls on some sh** its still just sh**, but if the tiniest piece of sh** gets in a huge bowl of ice cream its ruined. But you know what its 2008 and I know there is someone out there, hopefully no one who reads this blog, who would scoop that shit out and eat that ice cream lol!!!!!!!!!!!! You are a nasty induvidual!!!!!! Now that I think of it I guess we are all bowls of ice cream in our own right. Some people you can smell their sh** from a mile away, some you can't smell it until you get to the center of the bowl and you say to yourself "that wasn't chocolate after all." My point is man life is short get you a good bowl of ice cream if you finding yourself constantly scooping shit maybe you need a new bowl. Don't confuse it though cause some of you gone drop shit in your bowl and say i need a new one when your bowl was fine till you f****** it up. If you got a good bowl do your best to keep shit out of it cause it'll never taste the same. This Fathers day don't shit in somebody else's bowl. If you don't have a father honor some positive male role model. If you old enough to read this blog then surely you have encountered some positive male an uncle, older cousin, teacher, preist (unless you're catholic), hell if you think about it even the weedman should get a happy fathers day he provides much needed support to many bastard youth. Hell some weed men have even watched some kids grow up. "Boy I remember when you stole $10 from yo momma and bought yo first sac. Couldn't even drive now look at ya, buying dro. Boy you gone make me cry." Yeeeeaaaah Happy Father's Day!!!

Mr. P

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smoothie said...


I guess i rate as the guy who considers himself a nice big bowl of Cup-O-Ramen.
By no means am i a steak, but in a pinch, im there when

Good topic. Barack caught flack b/c on Pop Day he decided he WOULD talk about deadbeats. I get it. By and large our community has more then any other, but to highlite that and not acknowedge those of us who do I think is a disservice.

all that said, it was a helluva speech